Sling Rental: $140/Hour

Instructor: $70/Hour

  • Brand new Sling 2
  • Glass cockpit
  • Fighter-like handling
  • Dual stick controls
  • Unmatched visibility
  • Primary flight instruction
  • Flight reviews
  • Airspace or airport familiarization
  • Catalina or Big Bear checkouts
  • Sport or Private Pilot training

Discounts for High School and College Students

Maybe you're not sure if flying is for you, or you'd like to experience what flying the Sling is all about. Or maybe you want to experience the serene beauty of a night flight over Southern California. We can make it happen with our "Intro" Flights. 
Intro Flights are 30-45 minutes long, where you can take the controls or just sit and relax- it's all up to you. You get a taste of what flying is all about without any kind of commitment or large expense. We offer both Day and Night Intro Flights.