About OC Sling Aviation
I'm Marc C. Lee, owner of OC Sling Aviation. I fell in love with the South African-made Sling aircraft when I did a pilot report on it as a journalist for Plane & Pilot Magazine in 2011. I was so impressed with its handling, maneuverability, performance, and mini fighter-like looks, that I vowed I would seek out a Sling when I became a flight instructor.
We opened in 2014 at busy John Wayne Airport. The great folks at The Airplane Factory in Torrance, California (the main U.S. distributor of the Sling), provide full support and maintenance, Our Sling is the only one- and the first ever - at John Wayne and serves the Orange County flight training market.
Our mission is to provide better flight instruction than any other flight school. We do that through a unique, personalized approach, tailored to individual students. My four decades in aviation as an aviation educator, journalist, and pilot have given me a richer perspective into what kind of flight training works and what doesn't. I believe we can do better than the "big-box approach of our competitors with their faded and tired 1960's and 70's trainers. 

With my Great Lakes 2T-1A2 biplane

Instead, we use what we feel is a more modern flight training model. Think of it as "Flight Training 2.0." The Sling aircraft we use are new and are now sold and flown across the globe. They're modern, sleek, economical, fun, safe, strong, and capable. They make ideal training aircraft. My approach to flight training is different. Our syllabus was compiled from the best of many different facilities; from airline schools to aerobatic schools. My background in tailwheel flying also adds a different element to flight training.  We feel we have the best training on the planet- and the best deal to boot.
Come try it yourself or, better yet, talk with one of our students. We offer trial flight discovery lessons, so you can experience our training and this great airplane.
IIn 2017, Marc Lee was awarded "National Distinguished Flight Instructor" honors by AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), the largest aviation group in the country. OC Sling Aviation was voted top 4% of all flight schools nationwide.

Marc at John Wayne airport in the 1960's

About Marc

 Marc C. Lee is a Commercial, seaplane and instrument-rated flight instructor with a passion for tailwheel and vintage aircraft. He earned his Private Pilot certificate at age seventeen while working for famed movie pilot, Frank Tallman, at his “Movieland of the Air” museum.

Also an Advanced Ground Instructor, Marc is an adjunct professor of aviation at a Southern California college and is a member of SAFE (Society of Aviation and Flight Educators). Marc is an aviation journalist, having spent 10 years as a contributing editor for Plane & Pilot Magazine, and has over 200 published articles in publications worldwide. He is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), and Southern California Pilots Association (SCPA), and is a frequent Young Eagles pilot. Marc often presents aviation topics to the industry, and his Catalina Island instructional video is used by the Catalina Conservancy to train visiting pilots. Currently Marc runs his own flight school and instructs full-time at busy John Wayne Airport, and gives tailwheel training around the Southern California area.

"Once you become a pilot - and I believe anybody can make that dream come true - you are forever changed. Adventure becomes your way of life." - Marc C. Lee